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Who We Are

Ardglass Wind Turbine Action Awareness Group is a local community with a united interest in protecting against the negative impact of wind farms on our environment, our families and future generations. We are independent of any political ideology or economic interest and are primarily concerned with the well-being of our community.

Our Mission:

To stop the destruction of rural East Cork with industrial scale wind farm development.
A wind farm of this size and scale will completely dominate the landscape, destroy a local amenity area and will designate East cork as a Turbine compliant site - paving the way for many more.
To promote responsible green energy development which respects the rights of citizens to a normal quality of life.
Compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines on noise can be achieved by responsible siting of turbines at least 2km from a home. This has already been implemented in many other countries and we believe that Irish citizens deserve the same respect. The Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union Article 35: Health care extracts states: ‘A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities’.
We support green energy solutions that will deliver affordable, reliable, consistent power.
We are convinced that Wind Power is not a technically legitimate solution, does not meaningfully reduce CO2 emissions, is at present not commercially viable without tax-payer subsidies and is not environmentally responsible.

It Maybe Your Neighbourhood Next! Help Stop It Now!

Ardglass wind turbine action awareness group Walk and orienteering August 2014

Cork County Councils Request For Further Information

Submitting a planning objection.

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RTE NEWS reports on the devastating effects caused when living near wind turbines.
County Roscommon.

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